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Löw: "Trapp will start in goal against France", 13.11.2017

Joachim Löw talked about his starting formation a day ahead of Tuesday’s friendly against France (20:45 CET). DFB.de listened in.

Joachim Löw on…

the starting XI: Kevin Trapp will start in goal, and I can also say that Sami Khedira and Toni Kroos will be in the line-up from the first whistle. We’ll make some changes at half-time, but I will wait to the final training session to decide who comes on. There will be substitutions in a few positions.

Kevin Trapp starting: We’ve switched it up a lot in the past six months. Kevin's always been in and around the team since Manuel Neuer’s injury, and he played very well against Denmark in the run-up to the Confederations Cup. Marc-André ter Stegen and Bernd Leno have also played. Kevin’s made a good impression in training; he knows the French players well. We feel good about giving him the nod on Tuesday. We trust him – he’s a very good goalkeeper.

on the team’s goals against France: These November fixtures against real quality are a good barometer for us. We want to try out a few things in these games. It’s a different proposition to the England game. France are incredibly strong offensively and have a lot of midfielders and strikers who are at the top of the game. They will be more dangerous going forward than England and we need to be ready for that. We also want to give more on the attacking front, too.

respect for les bleus: The French team have a diverse array of attacking talent. They have a lot of options – the head coach has played a big role in getting the team to where they are now. It’s positive that Didier Deschamps has been manager for such a long time. France were good in 2014, even better in 2016 and now are stronger again and I attribute much of that development to Deschamps. They also have a brilliant youth system.

potential revenge for the European Championship loss: It’s not about getting revenge for me. You can’t change that result. It’ll be a testing game for both sides, but I’m not expecting France to put all their cards out on the table. Both teams are in a position to start fine-tuning. We need players who will be concentrated and really up for it. Tempo and emotion will be important.

the development of Leroy Sané: I visited him a few weeks ago in England. Players like Leroy can make the difference in a match. He’s developed physically since moving to the Premier League and is now playing regularly for Manchester City. That’s improved his standing in the national team. His football style can be very important for us.

security after the terrorist attack in 2015: This is an ongoing problem and is frequently talked about. That was an experience we don’t want to go through again. Time softens the memory and I think the situation has since stabilised. I feel safe and have complete trust in the security teams.

the lack of regeneration time in a World Cup year: The winter break is shorter in a World Cup year, but that doesn’t change our preparation. The load on the players is high – they’re playing every three to four days. You’ve definitely got to be careful and we make sure to rest players when they need it. Winning is not the most important thing for me. It’s about learning from our mistakes and improving. When you make three to five changes in the team, sometimes there isn’t enough time to completely gel in training. We don’t mind mistakes, but we need to learn from them.

13 November 2017
Originally on dfb.de. Uploaded here to prevent loss once moved on or removed from that site. Germany’s 2017: Tomorrow’s game will conclude a long year. Remember, we also had the Confederations Cup in the summer. The year has gone as planned – no losses and World Cup qualification completed successfully. It’s all gone very satisfactorily so far.

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